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Liss gets red too

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Peace out!

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Screams for Sex

…or just post a photo that does it for me, save the vocal chords.

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This one’s for Mr M. It’s all I’ve got at the moment from recent stuff involving barb wire, just took this on the side of the road one day when Liss pulled up on the side of a country road … Continue reading

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Feeling for Red

Hey people, how are we all today? So… A few moments ago I took the daily visit to our blog and quite a few exciting things came about. Firstly. Lets talk aesthetics. The Naked Journey is looking very ‘greeny & … Continue reading

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Reminiscing: Chica and her Van

I miss my old blog today 😦 Can someone find it for me please?

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You are Magical

Email from Liss to Chica this morning: ‘I have made this for you this morning (I now am always awake by 6am, this morning 5 30am) . I was thinking of you and looked at our blog, I saw your … Continue reading

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… is magical.

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The Secrets to happiness

EAT PRAISE LOVE This may be very similar to the title of a popular book, although not necessarily the idea intended. I just saw these three words on the cover of a magazine yesterday and they stuck in my head. … Continue reading

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Naked Adventures: Episode 1

Slowly slowly I’m working on my video editing skills, here’s my latest play project xo Naked Adventures: Episode 1. By The Naked Journey on Vimeo.

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70’s porn star style?

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‘The Peaceful Cows’

This is a very cute cow story that sums up nicely the warm and fuzzy feelings I get when I think about cows xo

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Who loves cows?

I do!!!

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Up My Dress – An Invitation

I love Ants I find them very faciniating. Here is a fact: An ant has the largest brain amongst insects. It is said that the processing power in an ant’s brain and a Macintosh II computer might be similar. There … Continue reading

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Lissy shoots herself.

On our trip Liss discovered the true fun and excitement of ism, which was really cool for me to observe. I’ve been shooting myself for a good few years now so have forgotten how it takes a bit of getting … Continue reading

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Where’s the ice cream?

I am having a major ice cream craving right now… So to lessen the desire, I’m going to blog it 🙂 I have deep passion for ice cream. Vanilla bean. Ohhhhhhhhhh Ahhhhhhhhh… I just had an orgasm. Am I craving … Continue reading

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More nakedness on the beach

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Bovines & Curls

Liss + Cows = 2 of my most favorite things.

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Naked on the Beach

Get naked on a semi private beach, get a friend or lover, get a camera and have FUN!!!!!!!! Send us your pics! 🙂 x Liss

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Let’s talk about Sex

Discussion: Sex. I was asked this question, “ If you could talk about anything to do with sex, any topic, what would it be?” I was stumped for a moment trying to think of which path to go down. How … Continue reading

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