Chica up close and personal

Hello peoples, one of my new videos has just gone up on if anyone is interested in seeing my first ‘up close’ contribution, it’s very pretty.

x d

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10 Responses to Chica up close and personal

  1. luv says:

    Should I join?


    • Hi Luv, whether you join is completely up to you. I suppose it depends what you’re into. If alternative/beautiful/interesting/engaging & diverse female erotica interests you then yes join, you will love ifm. It’s a pretty amazing and original website with a whole lot of really awesome women involved. But everyone’s different, that’s just my point of view 🙂

  2. Luv says:

    thanks for your POV. Had a quick look. Not sure. I might want to keep your girls more my fantasy and a mystery. After the site, nothing much left to my imagination.

  3. That’s a very good point.

  4. Luv says:

    I luv what you girls are doing here. Combining nudity with art and personality. I really luv the artistic part. Wonderfully done. Very unique. Not ‘give me money and I’ll show my $x:)y’ kind of set-up. You can find that anywhere . Thank you for this. Luv you girls.


    • Thanks Luv, it’s nice that you understand what we are trying to create in this space, and it’s lovely to have you here. All very refreshing isn’t it?
      Although it would be nice to get paid for doing what we do, hopefully that will come naturally one day, and until then we’ll keep doing what we doing, putting good vibes out into the universe, making meaningful art and meeting good people.


  5. Luv says:

    Great that we agree. Shear luck that I found you. Keep doing what you want to do, and the support would come. Trust me. Your artistic pictures combined with the enlightening poems sooth my tired spirit. You are making a better world for people that know you. I have to say thank you for that.


  6. mike f says:

    the vids of chica @ IFM are VERY VERY VERY good!!!!!

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