Let’s talk about Sex

Discussion: Sex.

I was asked this question, “ If you could talk about anything to do with sex, any topic, what would it be?” I was stumped for a moment trying to think of which path to go down.
How would I approach this question? I could start off by explaining my sexual experiences and feelings to get to the topic I wanted or maybe that was my topic, my weird and wonderful emotionally driven experiences. It ended in tears and a smile. Releasing some inner secrets was an amazing and much needed release. Not just the ones we say are secrets but the really deep thoughts we dare not to tell a soul.
When asked the question on the topic of sex this could lead down many paths, every single person will have something different to talk about. Letting go was mine. Sitting down to talk about my own sexual experiences allowed me to look at my behaviour from an objective point of view and see certain patterns that could have only come from external conditioning and perhaps an non-ceremonial induction into my own sexuality. My stories were fun and exciting, but they lacked depth and true connection. Think less, feel more, let go and enjoy.
Think about it, what would you talk about? Imagine that you can say anything. No judgements, no rights or wrongs. Just inner thoughts put into words.

What would it be?


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18 Responses to Let’s talk about Sex

  1. Jake says:

    Hey nice to have found your new blog!

    The male libido can develop an obsessiuon with female forms alone. which I think is the source of much of the objectification of women. Retaining and developing sexual pleasure in being desired means you fantisize about being desired. As objects can’t desire you only people (and sometimes the occassional pet 🙂 you fantisize about their (excluding the pets 🙂 sexual desires and about them as people. So porn that allows you to fantisize about mutual desire like ISM is the hotest and healthiest 🙂

    • Jake says:

      Needs a “)” after the pets smiley 🙂 I knew I’d get something wrong.

    • Great to see you here Jake!

    • I totally get off on the mutual fantasy of ism, ifm… fantasizing about being fantasized about is fun.

      Ok, here’s to putting it out there… who has had an orgasm to any of my photos or video?? Hehe, I’ll put in in my wank bank 😉

      • momentextase says:

        I have and do, and up to when Ms.ME went to South America on her art project she did also, she was/is totally enthralled with you inspite of being the most computer averse person on the planet. You communicate your energy so well, and your natural, hugely sexy and unassuming vibe felt very much like our own. I remember writing on the IFM forum about some of the experiences we had watching your clips and things you inspired in us. We would play with so many fantasies about you, would try to cum when you did, oh the stories I could tell about the fantasies and things we talked about. LOL! Of course I still indulge my facination with you often, and now that Ms.MS and I are physically distant, you help reinforce the connection between us in the most delightfully indirect manner via the past experiences I alluded to above that Ms.ME and I shared. I totally get how fantasizing about being fantasized about is fun, Ms.ME and I, and all our poly partners swing also (poly = sex and connection, swinging is more “just sex”-more casual,) , and do everything in between those two dynamics, mutual fantasy along with watching and being watched is a big part of the fun and mystery of all that!

      • Sorry to hear that you and Ms M are not physically together anymore. I remember some of the fantasies and experiences you’ve shared and I’m honored to have been part of some! Sounds like you have a very open-minded sexual sphere of existence. Looking forward to further installments 🙂

      • Iansean says:

        O.K., here comes the ice breaker moment. I haven’t known many people as comfortble talking about there sex life as you Chica or as happy to listen so this is a little nerve racking for me. Been wanting to response to this post for some time and guess I better start being brave and open up now that were familiar. Hopefully this will get easier if I do this more in the future.
        I have followed you on IFM and your blogs for some time now though I still can’t afford subscribing to the former. Having never been in a sexual relatsionship with another person, self-pleasure has been my whole sex life for over twelve years and I’m fine with that. I had many fine orgasms to your photos and posts and will hopefully have many more. Last night I had a particularly sweltering experiance that began with me fantasizing about and a friend using spoon fed ice cream as foreplay (I hope that’s not too much information).
        There’s much more I’d like to ask and tell, but I think this should be enough for know. Again, hopefully I’ll get more comefortable as this becomes more familiar.

      • Hi Iansean!

        Thanks so much for sharing.

        I think it’s wonderful that you are beginning to feel comfortable to open up here. I hope that as time goes on this blog will grow to become a safe space for more people to be and share sexual experiences, insecurities, fantasies or pleasures or any experiences really, good, bad, embarrassing, a place to be aknowledged, especially for those who don’t get that in their outside world.

        Spoon-fed ice cream as foreplay is definitely not too much information, in fact I would like more! As ice cream and sex are two of my most favorite indulgences, bringing them together would be sure to be orgasmic. What flavor was in your fantasy? And what was the context?

        I would also love to know which photo or post has aroused you the most or given you the best orgasm?? 😉

        I hope that you haven’t given up hope of being in a sexual relationship with another person, with the right person, it’s the most magical thing.

        Love Chica x

      • Iansean says:

        WOW! Thank you so much for your kind words. You’ve given me alot to follow up on. I would have writen sooner, but I had to think on how to answer properly.
        Let me start by responding to your last commet which seems a bit troubled. I can assure that I’d love for the right person to come into me life and that it’s hard to give up on something you haven’t really seared for. I just haven’t had many opertunities for a relationship when there have been so many social complications in my life to begin with.
        I also wanted to make a point that being sexual active in my mind shouldn’t mean rushing out get laid (if you know what I mean). So much unnecesarry tramua in the lives of so many young people wouldn’t happen if they weren’t worried about being inferior to their peers for masturbating. Believe me, I still dream for the day of sharing an amazing sexual experiance, but it would have to be the right person, at the right time, for the right reasons.
        O.K. already of writen quite a lot. Think I’ll make another post to answer your questions.

      • Iansean says:

        O.K. here’s Part II:
        On your first question I may disapoint a little as my fantasies to tend to be a bit scattered and not very detailed. At first I just thought of you and a partner sitting naked at a kitchen table spoon feeding each other and licking ice cream off each others lips and nipples. Never really thought up a specific flavor. Than I thought this was sounding to much like an after sex moment, so I keeped the setting with you both now wearing bathroobs and than that jumped to pajamas, but without really deciding what they looked like. Eventually I imaged you being pulled out of your chair by the waistband of your cotton pants as your parnter lead you to the bedroom and that was about as far as I got. Not very exciting I know.
        O.K. now comes the fun part, comparing each others wank banks! I can’t remember exactly which picture from your old blog was the one that gave me my best orgasm, but I’m pretty sure it involved you laying on a bed nearing your own climax. If could see some of your old photos at some point I could probably pick it out. The posts I love the most were where you write about your love for the L Word and other images of women the helped get you off. There is a tendancy I think to assume that women are less visual than men, but I’ve long been skeptical of this. You my be amble to help prove hunch that it just takes the right image and right mindset and a woman will wank to there inspiration same as men, evan if most are afraid to admit it.
        Which brings me to something I’ve wanted to ask for a long time: What were some of your other favoriate star photos, movie scene, tv drama scenes or maybe evan music videos that are in what you delitfully call your wank bank (term I don’t recall ever hearing before.) Don’t need a whole lot at once, we could both compare favoriates over time. Just some for now and than if you’d like I could tell you some of mine.
        Thanks for the questions and sorry for being such a slow, yet long writin. You are beautiful.

      • Iansean, thanks for your thoughtful response! Long yes but that’s fine with me 🙂

        I think I know of the photo you are referring to, one of me close to orgasm on a bed. If it’s the one I’m thinking of then it was taken by my foot when I was in Bali on holidays for a yoga retreat in 2008. I started the blog ‘Chica and her Van’ on return from that trip. Bali was amazing, my room was so cool, everything was beautiful and the people were so friendly… ah the memories, I wish I could go back to that place. I also love the photos I took over there very much. And I had lots of time to have great orgasms in between yoga sessions! I’ll try and pull the photo up on my external HD and see if we’re talking about the same one.

        So… wank banks. Hehe, love that expression. Also love that you love my posts about the L word. Not much has changed on that front, I still wank to Bette (Jennifer Beals) fucking me really hard about 90% of the time, love her muscley arms. I often have a go at wanking to guys but it’s very rare that fantasizing about a guy will get me off. It does happen sometimes, but not much. Other personalities I wank to…um. Well sometimes I like to watch shows on TV like Law & Order (don’t laugh) and often look at the female characters, imagine them secretly being really into hot girl sex and have an orgasm pretty quick. Eg. Mariska Hargitay. And I really like the medical drama ‘House’ and the female head doctor totally does it for me – Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein), would love to have sex with her! I just also found out that she is a vegetarian and practices Mysore-style Ashtanga yoga so now I am in love with her even more!

        Hope you’re having a great day!

        x Chica

      • Recursor says:

        I just found this blog and thread, having been acquainted with you from your prior blogging. Since the concept is so alluring, I wanted to respond despite the evident tardiness.

        The thought of you being aroused by our arousal arouses me immensely. So much so that as images of you formed in my head while reading this comment, I began squirming and pressed my hand against myself and closed my eyes, remembering various visions of you in ecstasy. I removed my garments as I thought and my mind settled on the thought of you bouncing up and down on a toy on a pinkish bedspread, your head thrown back, your face an avatar of sensation. My hips moved along with those in my mind, thrusting into my hand. Soon my mind shifted to imagining conveying this and envisioning the potential next point on the circle. As it was for you, even though not yet (very possibly not ever) real, it was enormously powerful and led to orgasm most readily and powerfully.

    • Laroo says:

      Why is sex such a secretive thing? We all do it. I believe the majority loves it. So why do we hold to it as if it was something wrong or to be judged? I totally appreciate what you are trying to convey. That is one of the main reasons I started my blog. I needed to be more open with myself and be able to let go. Everyday society isn’t accepting of your deepest thoughts. They wouldn’t know what to do with them so we supress until we find people we are comfortable to share them with.
      Thank you for sharing.

  2. boB not Bob says:

    I’d like to comment on the subject but don’t know where to begin. My experiences over the years (starting at age 13) have been many and varied . . . just about anything that was possible I’ve been there and done that. I’ve tried not to dwell on what the motivation was (or is) but moreover enjoyed the ride in the name of my pleasures and not hurting anyone in the process. The latter meant being very discrete and not being too reckless or unsafe. One day I’ll write about this. . . maybe…..

  3. momentextase says:

    Awesome question/invitation. Here is where I feel the “blog” format fails in comparison to the “forum” format -wow, this question should be a “sticky”!!!

    Drat, I am so pressed for time right now, will get back to this tomorrow. What is more boggled by this question, my mind or my body… hummmm, could be my spirit. Letting go of all this until I am less distracted by the mundane but necessary things I have to do today!

  4. Jake says:

    Thats true forums look bloody awful, like a 2 colour telephone directory. I wonder if wordpress could created a forum with background photos in threads. With threads that look just like this blog entry page.

    Anyway thanks Chica it’s nice to be back 🙂

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