Where’s the ice cream?

I am having a major ice cream craving right now… So to lessen the desire, I’m going to blog it 🙂

I have deep passion for ice cream.

Vanilla bean. Ohhhhhhhhhh Ahhhhhhhhh… I just had an orgasm. Am I craving ice cream cause I haven’t had sex in a while? Hmm. Perhaps if I give myself an orgasm now, the craving will go away.

I could name some other flavors but after vanilla bean there’s really no need. Nothing beats it in my ice cream book. Mint choc chip comes close but not close enough.

I have a Gourmet Traveller Mag on the table here with a wicked looking recipe of peach and raspberry crumble with vanilla bean ice cream on the front cover. I look at this every day. It looks so freaking delicious, it’s almost jumping out of the page and into my mouth, so close yet so very far away. I should totally make this tomorrow, it’s Sunday, Sunday is a good day for baking and ice cream eating.

I spend a lot of time talking and fantasizing about ice cream and a surprisingly small amount of time eating it.

Note to self: Eat more ice cream, you like it, a lot.

About thenakedjourney

We are about each other. Two best friends, a journey in the raw, finding and creating beauty, art, life. Understanding and finding our places on the Earth through our connection with each other. In constant evolution, this, for now, is our offering, our expression to the world.
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6 Responses to Where’s the ice cream?

  1. Mr M says:

    Particularly partial to Vanilla Bean myself, but there’s something called Moose Tracks that is just BRILLIANT! Chunks of chocolate and peanut butter cups (little ones) in a vanilla base with fudgy swirls.

    You’ll like it muchly.

    Mr M

  2. boB not Bob says:

    Rocky Road. Spumoni. Mint Chocolate Chip.

    One of the above definitely more than once a week.

  3. nakedinbliss says:

    I was eating Ice cream last night. Weis bar- Mango Style, couldn’t get enough though so finished it off with SaraLee’s Honeycomb and Butterscotch. You must have been sending me your ice cream cravings!

  4. Iansean says:

    Most days if you had only an hour to spare which you rather have: a) sex either by yourself or with a partner or b) ice cream of any flavor you could come by?
    Just wondering.

    • Oooo good question! Hard to answer though as it would depend on time, place and situation… Generally my answer would be sex with a partner 😉 Ice cream is amazing but not quite as amazing as good sex.

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