Lissy shoots herself.

On our trip Liss discovered the true fun and excitement of ism, which was really cool for me to observe. I’ve been shooting myself for a good few years now so have forgotten how it takes a bit of getting used to, working out how to take interesting and flattering naked pictures of yourself. It’s not as easy as it may seem. Now it’s pretty much second nature to me, whenever I’m alone basically I get my gear off and have a bit of a play. It’s a fun and creatively productive way to pass the time. And good for those of us who enjoy indulging in the self from time to time…

I think ism is a really powerful concept, even if it’s not used to post on the internet but for a personal journey, or something to share with a friend or lover. It’s quite confronting to see your body from every angle, sometimes very close up, sometimes a part of you that you’d rather pretend is not there. A great process of self-acceptance, love and confidence comes from this. Being involved in ism has allowed me to see the beauty ‘beyond’, a very personal and free-form self-expression platform open to interpretation from both contributor and viewer is a rare, beautiful and healthy thing.

Stay tuned for Liss’s first ‘i shot myself’ folio coming soon at, it’s going to be epic!

x d

About thenakedjourney

We are about each other. Two best friends, a journey in the raw, finding and creating beauty, art, life. Understanding and finding our places on the Earth through our connection with each other. In constant evolution, this, for now, is our offering, our expression to the world.
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5 Responses to Lissy shoots herself.

  1. Mr M says:

    One word.

  2. nakedinbliss says:

    That day on the beach was one of my favorite days in this life time… I totally agree with what D has said and highly recommend you trying it for your self..
    Love you D!!
    Love laughing with you!!
    Love shooting with you!!

  3. Jake says:

    They’re really nice! Love the 1st pic with your little legs in the air set against the sky 🙂

    I think accepting that everyone has bits of their body they don’t like so much helps us realise we’re not alone, but then I ask why don’t I like those bits and it’s because they don’t conform to the ideal I see so often. But one ideal is like just having one typeface everywhere. If you draw anyone nude you appreciate our bodies have their own unique character with all it’s subtleties and balance much like a cool typeface.

  4. Laroo says:

    I love the first one like Jake did and the black and white. Oh so pretty.
    Doing ISM was an awesome experience for me. It has been very hard for me to get over my body images issues, that did help me quite a bit. I would love to do a beautiful agony someday.
    Yay for you, Liss! You are so beautiful and I bet you had a great time shooting this folio.
    Plus, having Chica by your side makes everything better, right?
    xxxx Laroo

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