9 Songs

I was in the video store earlier this week.
Just a normal video store, blockbuster I think it was… just browsing. At one point I decided to ask Miss video lady if she had any good erotic films. She came back to be with the original Deep Throat and 9 Songs. I went with the latter on her recommendation. I like Miss video lady, she is great.

I also found myself being an erotic mentor for a friend this week. Although it was rather frustrating, I tried to keep my cool whilst explaining the difference between hard core porn and erotica. Between REAL non-simulated and FAKE simulated sex. I think so many people, men especially, have this stubborn block in their heads and sexual egos that they can only watch and get off on cheesy porn, big, fake boobs and hard fucking. Or maybe they forget that other stuff exists and just don’t realize or leave room for the possibility that it could be way hotter, more interesting, stimulating and healthier to watch some good quality erotica that may require a bit more patience and attention when it comes to getting some juicy sex scenes but in the end is much more satisfying and rewarding. I just don’t get how fake sex can be a turn on. Why do people bother wasting their time watching two people having sex that are clearly not into it. I find this especially gross with lesbian porn, the girls are so obviously not into each other, they stand so far apart and have stupid looks on their face, showing no passion or intensity.

When I watch any kind of good erotica, if it gets me off great, but I’m not only watching it for my own sexual stimulation, but also as art. To engage physically, visually and emotionally. If I am turned on by something, as I definitely was while watching 9 Songs, I will continue to enjoy watching it after having an orgasm… or 3. I guess my feelings around this subject are kind of like the difference between a quick fuck and sex where love and passion are combined. Both are enjoyable but provide very different feelings when you wake up in the morning.

Back to 9 Songs. This is a beautiful movie. All the sex scenes- about 2/3 of the movie, are real, and it’s good stuff. They know how to have sex, they know how to kiss and most importantly she knows how to dance around the house naked. And there is even a believable story line too! Michael Winterbotom is a brave and talented director and I am very impressed. Sexy as. For those of you who haven’t seen this movie. I would highly recommend leaving your house and heading straight to the video store NOW.

The 9 Songs: * Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, “Whatever Happened to My Rock and Roll”
* The Von Bondies, “C’mon, C’mon””
* Elbow, “Fallen Angel”
* Primal Scream, “Movin’ On Up”
* Dandy Warhols, “You Were the Last High”
* Super Furry Animals, “Slow Life”
* Franz Ferdinand, “Jacqueline”
* Michael Nyman, “Debbie”
* Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, “Love Burns”

9 songs trailer:

x c

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We are about each other. Two best friends, a journey in the raw, finding and creating beauty, art, life. Understanding and finding our places on the Earth through our connection with each other. In constant evolution, this, for now, is our offering, our expression to the world.
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5 Responses to 9 Songs

  1. Amy Beth says:

    This is fabulous, can I reblog? http://elysiumavenue.wordpress.com/

  2. Mr M says:

    Hmmm….will have to find this now.
    I am intrigued.

    Mr M

  3. momentextase says:

    Wow, someone else that has seen this movie. ‘9 songs’ is a complicated little film. Many even sexually charged films explore the emotional components of a relationship directly but the sex is alluded to, using various corny devices like tunnels, lightning, fireworks and cut aways the moment the sex becomes explicit etc., – but ‘9 Songs’ does the reverse.

    This is an amazing film made more amazing by the fact that as Chica says, it is 2/3 explicitly sexual, yet there is no feeling of artifice, and the story flows organically. The film is sexual, sensual, yet real and integrated-and the viewer is lead into the characters lives and connection through the characters sexuality. It is so explicit -but without feeling forced or manipulated as is the case with so much porn. A favorite scene is the one right before the performance by The Daddy Worhol’s of “The last High”… which is also a favorite song. Will not say much about that scene, don’t want to spoil things! Lets just say that I have never seen the way fantasy can and does entwine with reality captured so naturally and realistically. I have never seen a film quite like ‘9 Songs’, I feel it is beyond hot, just the kissing scenes will make you wet.

    For some reason, and even though it is not nearly as explicit, the film “Y tu mamá también” reminds me of ‘9 Songs’ in the way both portray sex, emotional realms and life drama in such hot, natural and truly seductive and arousing ways. No empty calories in these films.

  4. Iansean says:

    I was lucky enough to find this movie online last weekend at your recomendation. I though it was well acted and directed and that it’s presentation of a young couples sex life was refreshingly tender and matter-of-fact. I just wish they could have made the two a little more interesting as characters. It never seemed like we learned much about who they were as individuals or what their relationship meant to them that was all that significant.
    Still, I’m glad I got to see it. I agree that good erotica is more rewarding when there is really artistry involved and not something chessy and phoney. Like you, I can’t stand them way lesbian sex is portrayed in some much straight oriented porn and I can’t see for the life of me why someone many people settle for it. Although, I do question wheater graphic unsimulated sex is necessarely more erotic than simulated sex, graphic or otherwise. None of the sex scenes on the L Word were unsimulated as far as I can tell and prelonged shots of actual penetrations tend to feel machanical for me. It seems the biggest differance is one of empathy: do character look there just enjoying the attention or do they seems to just enjoy the being in the moment.
    Anyway, just some of my thought on two of my favoriate topics (sex and cinema.) Be glad to her some of yours.

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