Julia Roberts in ‘Eat, Pray, Love’

‘If you could clear out all that space in your mind, you’d have a doorway. And you know what the universe would do? Rush in. Everything else will take care of itself.’

Only a few days left until Eat Pray Love comes out in Australian cinemas. Apparently the critics haven’t been very kind to the film so far. Fuck the critics. True that I haven’t seen the movie yet, to be honest I haven’t even read the book, but I like this movie already.

This is exactly the mushy spiritual journey come love story that makes me smile and feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside. Corney and Hollywoodish it may be but I don’t really care. First of all the cinematography looks stunning. Secondly Julia Roberts is a beautiful and endearing actress. And most importantly I love that Hollywood has taken to making such a big deal out of a story of a middle-aged woman on a journey out of her cliched life and into the world of the unknown, re-discovering love for herself and the world, challenging herself on the deepest of levels. More and more people, men and women are taking off on such journeys these days, every second person I meet at the moment is dropping everything to go and meditate in India. So now it’s not just the alternative weirdos who do it. The things we’re learning on these journeys are beginning to infiltrate even popular media, a world obsessed with consumerism and materiality, continuously bombarding the senses with distractions, leaving little space for time with ‘ourselves’. People are being touched, awakened, and moved to make changes, to move away from stagnation and conditioned existence, to ask questions… to experience the world with open eyes and an open heart. To see love in everything.

Soundtrack is nice too. Features Florence & the Machine which makes it even better!

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We are about each other. Two best friends, a journey in the raw, finding and creating beauty, art, life. Understanding and finding our places on the Earth through our connection with each other. In constant evolution, this, for now, is our offering, our expression to the world.
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3 Responses to Julia Roberts in ‘Eat, Pray, Love’

  1. Jake says:

    Ooh looks like a nice place to be for a couple of hours 🙂

  2. Bradley says:

    Marvelous commentary, really marvelous: and I say this not just because you are my friend. I cannot point out anything I find especially charming, but found the last two sentences particularly moving. -B

  3. nakedinbliss says:

    I cried. (Then went to a friends and made pizza drank a glass of wine and ate dark chocolate with toffee )
    Eat Pray Love a movie that couldn’t have been released at a better time- Huge impact on my heart and present mind… The quote you wrote at the top about the world rushing in, – when he said that, it got me right in that right place, a sentence that was needed to be heard need to be said..
    Her finishing speech was also moving and significant.. I wont spoil it, but if what she said was asked to me in question form the answer would be “Yes! I’m ready”.
    Love to all

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