Liss makes love to a fence

About thenakedjourney

We are about each other. Two best friends, a journey in the raw, finding and creating beauty, art, life. Understanding and finding our places on the Earth through our connection with each other. In constant evolution, this, for now, is our offering, our expression to the world.
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3 Responses to Liss makes love to a fence

  1. Mr M says:

    I would call that a lucky fence!
    I also dig the angle looking along the fence quite a bit along with the offset framing. Draws your eye to her.

    Mr M

  2. Iansean says:

    The shadows of the face do seem to point inward and make for a terrific contrast in the light and dark surface of her glistening form. Her stance in great two! Gentle yet firm with eyes slightly closed; she really does seems to be in a love making postition!
    Simply breathtaking!

  3. Luv says:

    I want to be the fence. You can press against me anytime. so sexy.


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