With Love From Liss


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8 Responses to Pray

  1. Mr M says:

    It almost looks like the Sun is emanating from Chica’s hand….or that she’s absorbing the wonderful energy from it through the Lao Gong point of her palm. Excess energy would go out through the same point of her other hand. (Or so my theory goes.)
    At any rate, that particular romp seems to have been quite a nice one.

    Mr M

  2. Jake says:

    Ooh Liss you take some lovely pics! Like the new stuff galleries D and L. can’t post hotlinks to the pics I like best, Oh well they’re all pretty good.

  3. Nio says:

    That is so incredibly beautiful and makes me happy!

  4. Laroo says:

    You were on a roll. What happened?
    I miss you.

  5. Mr M says:

    I recall a mention of a trip to India by both a while back. Was actually surprised they didn’t post an “away” note.

    Mr M

  6. Jake says:

    Yeah I miss you. Hope you come back soon.

  7. Laroo says:

    I’m hoping you peek into your blog every now and then and if you do please know I wish you both the merriest of holidays and I am sending big big hugs and kisses.
    Love you.

  8. nakedinbliss says:

    Thank you Laroo!
    You are very sweet and we appreciate your dedication to us. 🙂 🙂
    At the moment we live very far apart. But Chica has been visiting in my town for the last month, sunday will be our last special day together for a little while. Ill let her know that you wrote to us. So we might have to post something especially for you!! Lets see what I can do.
    Much love from all the way across the seas to you Miss Laroo ..

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