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Can you tell I like sweets? I’ve actually fallen asleep on chocolate on two separate occasions both of which I’m quite proud of. One involved some unforgettable and very wet sex with this lady quite a few years ago. And … Continue reading

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Sexy Fudge

A lovely follower sent us these beautiful images of delicious-looking fudge a few weeks ago. If we can’t eat it at least we can continue to admire it…

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Where’s the ice cream?

I am having a major ice cream craving right now… So to lessen the desire, I’m going to blog it 🙂 I have deep passion for ice cream. Vanilla bean. Ohhhhhhhhhh Ahhhhhhhhh… I just had an orgasm. Am I craving … Continue reading

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The Farmers Market

Hello World! So yesterday we had a lovely morning walking around with the hippies at the weekly farmers markets. It’s a beautiful thing to buy produce from the person who actually grew the food and see fruits and vegetables most … Continue reading

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