Peace out!

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Screams for Sex

…or just post a photo that does it for me, save the vocal chords.

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This one’s for Mr M. It’s all I’ve got at the moment from recent stuff involving barb wire, just took this on the side of the road one day when Liss pulled up on the side of a country road and had a sudden urge to roll around in the grass. It has been a past theme that I’m sure will re-emerge one day.

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Feeling for Red

Hey people, how are we all today?

So… A few moments ago I took the daily visit to our blog and quite a few exciting things came about.

Firstly. Lets talk aesthetics. The Naked Journey is looking very ‘greeny & bluey’ these days. A bit wishy-washy. So I am thinking… RED. We need some more red around these parts. Red is a great color. I used to have an aversion to it – it’s intense, and I’m a hippy. I wear green and brown, earthy colors make me feel all peaceful and calm and stuff. My attitude towards color has since evolved. I still mostly wear green and brown, but I have welcomed the red into my life and it makes me feel good.

These are the thoughts running through my little head when I stumble upon a blog by one of my number one sexy lady friends, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. And guess what her most recent post is about? Red stuff! And guess what that is? Menstruation blood! Awesome. There’s the red. Thank you and please come again.

From there I followed a link to another site by another sexy and entrepreneurial lady all about this particular red stuff – Erotic Red. Liandra Dahl also writes a very hot post titled ‘Seeing Red’ on the subject. And if you are in the mood to see some erotic videos featuring myself, blood, the beautiful Lilie AND the famous van, head to and search for the ‘Vagabonds’ series – my personal favourite (keep your eye out for blood on Lilie’s fingers, there are some very subtle and sexy shots if you’re observant).

I am now feeling all warm and fuzzy inside about this awesome community of revolutionary women who are pushing the way forward together towards positive porn and genuine erotica.

Yay for cool ladies!

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Reminiscing: Chica and her Van

I miss my old blog today 😦

Can someone find it for me please?

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You are Magical

Email from Liss to Chica this morning:

‘I have made this for you this morning (I now am always awake by 6am, this morning 5 30am) .

I was thinking of you and looked at our blog, I saw your post ……… ‘Life is magical’. This inspired my photo that I have attached…

All morning I have been trying to post it.. for some reason, Im not able to get past the Γ―nsert into post” page.. I have reduced size tried both on my and parentals comp and even tried with a different image.. Time is ticking and I have to leave soon..
So i am sending it to you via email… Because you are a special lady and I made it with love for you.

The header was to Say ‘You Are Magical’

Love you long time,

Peace Love and Rock and Roll!

ps. We got a really awesome reply to ‘lets talk about sex’. Im going to reply to it today… Its really nice to be helping people open up and make them feel comfortable…
Our fairy dust is a sprinkling !!’

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… is magical.

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The Secrets to happiness




This may be very similar to the title of a popular book, although not necessarily the idea intended. I just saw these three words on the cover of a magazine yesterday and they stuck in my head.

If interpreted correctly, three very powerful words. And I actually do agree that if we were to constantly incorporate them into our daily lives we would be feeling full, rather than empty. Satisfied rather than always searching for something to do, or say, or consume.

EAT: Eat wholesome food that incorporates all 5 tastes rather than just one or two and invigorates the senses rather than dulling them. Eat enough, but not too much. This will leave you feeling satisfied, energetic, focused. You will create a happy digestive environment which will lead to a happy and productive you. Once you have a healthy eating and food routine in place, you can spend less time worrying about food and more time doing the things you love from a much more balanced place.

PRAISE: We are all divine. At the end of the day there is no ‘I’, there is no ‘you’. We are all connected, everything is energy, we all come from the same energy source. Be thankful for everything, even the things in life that may not seem entirely great at the time. Everything is part of a divine whole, we are all constantly contributing to a collective energy, creating reality. Shadow and sunshine are both beautiful. Good and evil are also part of us. Gratitude is an important part of a holistic life, gratitude humbles us, it reminds us of something greater.

LOVE: ‘I see you’. See the divine around you. Embody and embrace the God in yourself, love and acknowledge the God in others. Learn acceptance. The things we dislike in others can often be the things we dislike about ourselves. We all have a light and a dark side. See the beauty in others darkness as well as their light. Tell someone you love them today.

Love, voice it, be it.

x d

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Naked Adventures: Episode 1

Slowly slowly I’m working on my video editing skills, here’s my latest play project xo

Naked Adventures: Episode 1. By The Naked Journey on Vimeo.

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70’s porn star style?

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‘The Peaceful Cows’

This is a very cute cow story that sums up nicely the warm and fuzzy feelings I get when I think about cows xo

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Who loves cows?

I do!!!

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Up My Dress – An Invitation

I love Ants I find them very faciniating.

Here is a fact: An ant has the largest brain amongst insects. It is said that the processing power in an ant’s brain and a Macintosh II computer might be similar. There are over 10,000 known species of ants. Each ant colony has at least one or more queens.

I find myself often looking down at them watching them scuttle about – and each time they pass one another they touch their antennas and “talk”.

This post is from the point of view of an ant- what a exciting life they must live..

I wonder if an ant was under D’s skirt what would be seen……………..


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Lissy shoots herself.

On our trip Liss discovered the true fun and excitement of ism, which was really cool for me to observe. I’ve been shooting myself for a good few years now so have forgotten how it takes a bit of getting used to, working out how to take interesting and flattering naked pictures of yourself. It’s not as easy as it may seem. Now it’s pretty much second nature to me, whenever I’m alone basically I get my gear off and have a bit of a play. It’s a fun and creatively productive way to pass the time. And good for those of us who enjoy indulging in the self from time to time…

I think ism is a really powerful concept, even if it’s not used to post on the internet but for a personal journey, or something to share with a friend or lover. It’s quite confronting to see your body from every angle, sometimes very close up, sometimes a part of you that you’d rather pretend is not there. A great process of self-acceptance, love and confidence comes from this. Being involved in ism has allowed me to see the beauty ‘beyond’, a very personal and free-form self-expression platform open to interpretation from both contributor and viewer is a rare, beautiful and healthy thing.

Stay tuned for Liss’s first ‘i shot myself’ folio coming soon at, it’s going to be epic!

x d

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Where’s the ice cream?

I am having a major ice cream craving right now… So to lessen the desire, I’m going to blog it πŸ™‚

I have deep passion for ice cream.

Vanilla bean. Ohhhhhhhhhh Ahhhhhhhhh… I just had an orgasm. Am I craving ice cream cause I haven’t had sex in a while? Hmm. Perhaps if I give myself an orgasm now, the craving will go away.

I could name some other flavors but after vanilla bean there’s really no need. Nothing beats it in my ice cream book. Mint choc chip comes close but not close enough.

I have a Gourmet Traveller Mag on the table here with a wicked looking recipe of peach and raspberry crumble with vanilla bean ice cream on the front cover. I look at this every day. It looks so freaking delicious, it’s almost jumping out of the page and into my mouth, so close yet so very far away. I should totally make this tomorrow, it’s Sunday, Sunday is a good day for baking and ice cream eating.

I spend a lot of time talking and fantasizing about ice cream and a surprisingly small amount of time eating it.

Note to self: Eat more ice cream, you like it, a lot.

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More nakedness on the beach

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Bovines & Curls

Liss + Cows = 2 of my most favorite things.

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Naked on the Beach

Get naked on a semi private beach, get a friend or lover, get a camera and have FUN!!!!!!!!

Send us your pics! πŸ™‚

x Liss

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Let’s talk about Sex

Discussion: Sex.

I was asked this question, β€œ If you could talk about anything to do with sex, any topic, what would it be?” I was stumped for a moment trying to think of which path to go down.
How would I approach this question? I could start off by explaining my sexual experiences and feelings to get to the topic I wanted or maybe that was my topic, my weird and wonderful emotionally driven experiences. It ended in tears and a smile. Releasing some inner secrets was an amazing and much needed release. Not just the ones we say are secrets but the really deep thoughts we dare not to tell a soul.
When asked the question on the topic of sex this could lead down many paths, every single person will have something different to talk about. Letting go was mine. Sitting down to talk about my own sexual experiences allowed me to look at my behaviour from an objective point of view and see certain patterns that could have only come from external conditioning and perhaps an non-ceremonial induction into my own sexuality. My stories were fun and exciting, but they lacked depth and true connection. Think less, feel more, let go and enjoy.
Think about it, what would you talk about? Imagine that you can say anything. No judgements, no rights or wrongs. Just inner thoughts put into words.

What would it be?


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Om Shanti Shanti

Here is a little bit of one of our morning yoga sessions!

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