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Can you tell I like sweets? I’ve actually fallen asleep on chocolate on two separate occasions both of which I’m quite proud of. One involved some unforgettable and very wet sex with this lady quite a few years ago. And … Continue reading

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9 Songs

I was in the video store earlier this week. Just a normal video store, blockbuster I think it was… just browsing. At one point I decided to ask Miss video lady if she had any good erotic films. She came … Continue reading

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Liss gets red too

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Screams for Sex

…or just post a photo that does it for me, save the vocal chords.

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Where’s the ice cream?

I am having a major ice cream craving right now… So to lessen the desire, I’m going to blog it 🙂 I have deep passion for ice cream. Vanilla bean. Ohhhhhhhhhh Ahhhhhhhhh… I just had an orgasm. Am I craving … Continue reading

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Let’s talk about Sex

Discussion: Sex. I was asked this question, “ If you could talk about anything to do with sex, any topic, what would it be?” I was stumped for a moment trying to think of which path to go down. How … Continue reading

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Quality Erotica.

I was just reading a post on another blog about porn vs. erotica. She talked about our views on the subject being subjective to the viewers interpretation of content which has been predominantly formed by external conditioning – society, parents, … Continue reading

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The Olden Dayz

Meet Liss. She’s my best friend, creative inspiration, partner in crime, wino buddy… if she gave me sex I’d propose. This is the farm. Where we used to do our thing out in the country, run naked with the horses, … Continue reading

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